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Dr. Jeremy P. Waletzky
Dr. Jeremy P. Waletzky Event

The Jacob P. Waletzky Award of the Society for Neuroscience is given to a young scientist
(within 15 years of his/her Ph.D. or M.D. degree) whose independent research has led to
significant conceptual and empirical contributions to the understanding of drug addiction. Both
basic and clinical researchers are eligible for the award. Future plans to continue to make
significant contributions to addiction research and treatment is one of the selection criteria.

Date: November 9, 2017

Location: NIDA-IRP, Atrium of the BRC bldg; Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus, Baltimore

Organizers: Yavin Shaham, Geoff Schoenbaum, Andrew Holmes, Jenny Chou, Antonello Bonci


8:50 Introduction to the Waletzky event Nora Volkow NIDA Director
9:00 Addiction and Neuropeptides in the Amygdala Marisa Roberto Professor, Scripps Institute
9:25 From silent synapse to circuit remodel: a neural rejuvenation hypothesis of drug addiction Yan Dong  Professor, U of Pittsbourgh
9:50 Dopamine dynamics during the progression of substance use. Paul Phillips Professor, U of Washington
10:15 Coffee break    
10:40 The prefrontal cortex in iRISA in cocaine addiction: lessons from neuroimaging in humans Rita Goldstein Professor, MSSM
11:05 Alcohol: Pain, Pleasure and the Prefrontal Cortex Andrew Holmes Lab Chief, NIAAA-IRP
11:30 Reward, Interrupted: Inhibitory control and its relevance to addictions David Jentsch Professor, Binghamton U
11:55 Mechanisms of nicotine craving Paul Kenny Professor and Chair, MSSM
12:20 Lunch    
1:20 New data on the effects of cocaine use on associative processing Geoff Schoenbaum Branch Chief, NIDA-IRP
1:45 My excellent adventure: from behavioral pharmacology to epigenetics (co-starring cocaine) Chris Pierce Professor, U of Pennsylvania
2:10 Acetylcholine-norepinephrine interactions and their role in behaviors related to nicotine addiction Marina Picciotto Professor and deputy-chair, Yale U
2:35 Aggression addiction and relapse: a new frontier in psychiatry Yavin Shaham Branch Chief, NIDA-IRP
3:00 Coffee break    
3:25 Anti-stress effects of kappa-opioid receptor antagonists: implications for neuropsychiatric illnesses Bill Carlezon Professor, Harvard U
3:50 From optogenetics to a treatment against cocaine use disorders. Antonello Bonci Scientific Director, NIDA-IRP
4:15 From Basic Preclinical Discoveries to New Addiction Treatments Pier-Vincenzo Piazza Scientific Director, Magendie Neurocenter, INSERM
4:40 Concluding remarks (1) Kay Jamison Professor, Johns Hopkins U
4:40 Concluding remarks (2) Eric Nestler Professor and Dean, MSSM, SFN president
5:00 Award ceremony - Life-time achievement award to Dr. Waletzky    



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