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Kenzie L. Preston, Ph.D. wins 2018 CPDD Award for Excellence

Kenzie L. Preston, Ph.D. was given the Marian W. Fischman Lectureship Award by the College on Problems of Drug Dependence as part of their 2018 Awards for Excellence. Dr. Preston was awarded on the basis the treatment research she conducts as the Senior Investigator and Chief of the Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Research Branch at… [Read More]

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Gs- versus Golf-dependent functional selectivity mediated by the dopamine D1 receptor.

Hot Off the Press – February 15, 2018. The two highly homologous subtypes of stimulatory G proteins Gαs (Gs) and Gαolf (Golf) display contrasting expression patterns in the brain. Golf is predominant in the striatum, while Gs is predominant in the cortex. Yet, little is known about their functional distinctions. The dopamineD1 receptor (D1R) couples to Gs/olf and is highly expressed in cortical… [Read More]

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Reviews To Read

Context-induced relapse after extinction versus punishment: similarities and differences.

Reviews To Read – June 14, 2018. This review, which is part of a special issue of Psychopharmacology on “Extinction” summarizes recent research on similarities and differences in the neuronal mechanisms of context-induced relapse after extinction-imposed abstinence (the classical model) versus context-induced relapse after punishment-imposed abstinence (the new model).

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Role of Anterior Intralaminar Nuclei of Thalamus Projections to Dorsomedial Striatum in Incubation of Methamphetamine Craving.

Featured Paper of the Month – August 2018. Methamphetamine seeking progressively increases after withdrawal from drug self-administration, a phenomenon termed incubation of methamphetamine craving. We previously found that D1R-mediated dopamine transmission in dorsomedial striatum plays a critical role in this incubation phenomenon. Here, we used neuroanatomical and neuropharmacological methods in rats to demonstrate that an… [Read More]

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