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2020 NIDA IRP FARE winners

Congratulations to our 2020 FARE (Fellows Award for Research Excellence) winners!  They will each receive a $1500 travel stipend to attend a meeting next fiscal year to present their research.  They will also give a talk at the Baltimore Fellows Symposium on October 10, 2019. Congratulations to our 2020 FARE winners (left to right): Alessandro… [Read More]

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Compulsive drug use is associated with imbalance of orbitofrontal- and prelimbic-striatal circuits in punishment-resistant individuals

Hot Off the Press – May 6, 2019. We report that in a methamphetamine self-administration experiment, all rats show changes in the balance between “go” and “stop” brain circuits, however after foot shock punishment, behavior in the addictive subgroup is strongly correlated with the change in the balance of “go” and “stop” circuits, while the… [Read More]

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Nucleus Accumbens Drd1-Expressing Neurons Control Aggression Self-Administration and Aggression Seeking in Mice.

Featured Paper of the Month – July 2019. Aggression is often comorbid with neuropsychiatric diseases, including drug addiction. One form, appetitive aggression, exhibits symptomatology that mimics that of drug addiction and is hypothesized to be due to dysregulation of addiction-related reward circuits. However, our mechanistic understanding of the circuitry modulating appetitive operant aggression is limited…. [Read More]

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