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Gs- versus Golf-dependent functional selectivity mediated by the dopamine D1 receptor.

Hot Off the Press – February 15, 2018. The two highly homologous subtypes of stimulatory G proteins Gαs (Gs) and Gαolf (Golf) display contrasting expression patterns in the brain. Golf is predominant in the striatum, while Gs is predominant in the cortex. Yet, little is known about their functional distinctions. The dopamineD1 receptor (D1R) couples to Gs/olf and is highly expressed in cortical… [Read More]

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Misuse of Novel Synthetic Opioids: A Deadly New Trend.

Reviews To Read – March 1, 2018. The United States is experiencing an epidemic of opioid overdose deaths.  A major factor in this crisis is the increasing availability of potent opioid drugs, including fentanyl and novel synthetic opioids (NSOs).  NSOs include various analogs of fentanyl and newly-emerging non-fentanyl compounds which stimulate mu-opioid receptor proteins in… [Read More]

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Exogenous ghrelin administration increases alcohol self-administration and modulates brain functional activity in heavy-drinking alcohol-dependent individuals.

Featured Paper of the Month – March 2018. Understanding the neurobiological substrates of excessive alcohol consumption may substantially facilitate efforts to develop better treatments. The cross-talk between the gastrointestinal and central nervous systems, often referred to as the gut–brain axis, is a promising yet underexplored domain in this regard.  Ghrelin is a hormone primarily produced… [Read More]

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