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2021 NIDA IRP Mentoring Awards

Congratulations to our 2021 Mentoring Award winners! They were honored at the 9th NIDA Poster Day and Mentoring Awards ceremony on May 19, 2021. From left to right: Huilng Wang, MD, PhD – Diversity Mentoring Award; David Reiner, PhD – Postdoctoral Fellow Mentoring Award; Bruce Hope, PhD – Investigator Mentoring Award; and Jeremiah Bertz, PhD – Staff Scientist Mentoring Award.

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Sex differences in the effect of chronic delivery of the buprenorphine analog BU08028 on heroin relapse and choice in a rat model of opioid maintenance

Hot Off the Press – October 12, 2021 Previous studies reported that the NOP/µ receptor partial agonist BU08028 produced antinociception in rodents and non-human primates and is not self-administered by non-human primates, leading to the suggestion that BU08028 can be a promising candidate for opioid addiction treatment. In a buprenorphine-validated rat model of opioid agonist… [Read More]

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Reviews To Read

G protein-coupled receptor-effector macromolecular membrane assemblies (GEMMAs)

Reviews To Read – September 2021. Published in Pharmacology & Therapeutics by Sergi Ferré, et al. G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the largest group of receptors involved in cellular signaling across the plasma membrane and a major class of drug targets. The canonical model for GPCR signaling involves three components — the GPCR, a heterotrimeric… [Read More]

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Hypothalamic control of interoceptive hunger

Featured Paper of the Month – December 2021 Published in Current Biology by Justin Siemian, Sarah Sarsfield, Yeka Aponte of the NIDA IRP Neuronal Circuits and Behavior Unit. Summary Regulating food intake is essential for survival and many factors influence feeding behaviors beyond caloric need or “hunger”. Despite this, some neurons that drive feeding in… [Read More]

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