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Advances in the science and treatment of alcohol use disorder.

Reviews To Read – March 2020. In this review, the authors critically report the scientific and clinical evidence supporting alcohol use disorder as a treatable disease using medications and/or behavioral treatments. Approved treatments and promising new interventions are reviewed and discussed, with a special emphasis on personal treatment approaches. The authors also note the critical… [Read More]

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Modafinil potentiates cocaine self-administration by a dopamine-independent mechanism: possible involvement of gap junctions

Featured Paper of the Month – October 2020. Modafinil and methylphenidate are clinically available medications that inhibit the reuptake of dopamine in neurons, a common mechanism with psychostimulants like cocaine. We investigated the reinforcing actions of modafinil or methylphenidate alone and in combination with cocaine, in rats. While rats did not self-administer modafinil, suggesting low… [Read More]

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