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Genetic deletion of vesicular glutamate transporter in dopamine neurons increases vulnerability to MPTP-induced neurotoxicity in mice.

Hot Off the Press – November 29, 2018. The neural mechanisms underlying dopamine neuron degeneration in Parkinson’s disease are largely unknown. In this study, we found that selective deletion of a vesicular glutamate transporter (VgluT2) in dopamine neurons led to a significant increase in dopamine neuron toxicity to the neurotoxin MPTP via a BDNF-dependent mechanism,… [Read More]

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Science-Based Actions Can Help Address the Opioid Crisis.

Reviews To Read – November 29, 2018. This commentary on the opioid crisis was written by two NIDA IRP investigators (clinical investigator David Epstein and preclinical investigator Yavin Shaham), along with former Clinical Director Markus Heilig.  It challenges misconceptions about the nature of the crisis, and it suggests solutions that are–as the authors say–“probably not… [Read More]

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Ventral midbrain astrocytes display unique physiological features and sensitivity to dopamine D2 receptor signaling.

Featured Paper of the Month – December 2018. Astrocytes are ubiquitous CNS cells that support tissue homeostasis through ion buffering, neurotransmitter recycling, and regulation of CNS vasculature. Yet, despite the essential functional roles they fill, very little is known about the physiology of astrocytes in the ventral midbrain, a region that houses dopamine-releasing neurons and… [Read More]

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