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Da-Ting Lin
Congratulations to Da-Ting Lin for winning a 2016 Health and Human Services (HHS) Green Champion Award!

Sustainable Acquisitions - Individual
Dr. Da-Ting Lin has worked diligently as an Investigator to integrate sustainable practices into his research using in vivo optical imaging methods. He has prioritized energy conservation, financial savings, and protecting both human and environmental health through his work. He is conscious of the impact his research has on the environment and makes significant efforts to promote sustainability within laboratories. He has worked tirelessly to develop the miniScope imaging system which produces outstanding results while being budget conscious and energy efficient. He incorporated LEDs in the system, which are more environmentally sustainable compared to traditional lights. While making purchasing decisions for his laboratory he prioritizes human health and chooses non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials. He is also innovative with protocols and avoids mercury in his work. He also promotes awareness of sustainability within the government through staff training and realizes the potential to encourage others to follow his example.

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