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photo of  Jennifer A. Stark, Ph.D
Jennifer A. Stark, Ph.D

Visiting Fellow |

Jennifer graduated from the University of Wales, Cardiff in 2002 with an honors degree in Neuroscience. This included a year in industry where she took a 9 month position at the Mario Negri Institute in Milan, Italy, investigating reinstatement of cocaine-seeking behavior in rats. Since then, she has completed a Ph.D in neuroscience from the University of Manchester, UK, in 2006, which involved developing in vivo magnetic resonance imaging to study appetite systems in the rat. During the following 3 year post doctoral position in the same laboratory she investigated the role of ghrelin in appetite and reward systems in rats using MRI and histological techniques. Jennifer began her position at the Neuroimaging Research Branch at NIDA in October 2009 to develop her research interests in drug abuse and reward systems using MRI.


  • Jennifer is currently developing a project that involves imaging brain networks in conscious rats, implicated in craving leading to reinstatement of drug-seeking behavior.


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