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MRI machine being lifted by a crane

Mock Scanner- a plywood scanner constructed to give the look and feel of an actual MRI. It is used to train subjects in all the cognitive tasks they will perform under research protocols in the real scanner. All stimulus presentation and recording apparatus are duplicated in the mock scanner

MRI Scanners:
A Siemens Trio 3 Tesla MRI with full multinuclear and multichannel capabilities was installed in spring 2010 replacing a Siemens Allegra 3T system that was installed in 2002. Full stimulus response tools are available, including stimulus presentation (E-prime), eye tracking, physiological monitoring, MRI compatible EEG system, Spectris power injector and response manipulandum.

A Bruker Biospec actively-shielded 9.4 Tesla magnet with a 31-cm warm bore was installed in 2005. This hardware allows us to gather high-quality anatomical, functional imaging and spectroscopic data. Imaging techniques routinely used include BOLD, MEMRI, CBV using MION contrast agent, MR spectroscopy, CBF using ASL and DTI.

Computer Resources:
The NRB maintains a fully equipped, self-contained, computer system for all data processing and storage, including:

  • Linux Server: x86_64, 8 dual core AMD opteron CPU, 2.4 GHz, 32 GB memory, employing Novell Suse Linux Enterprise 11, with 22TB external storage capacity
  • Windows Server: Dell PowerEdge Intel Xeon CPU, 3.73 GHz, 2 GB RAM, employing MS Windows Server 2003, with 2TB storage capacity
  • Linux Server: x86_64, 4 X 12 Core AMD Opteron processors (Magny-Cours), 3.2 GHz HT,  more than 1100000000000 Bits memory, Running OpenSUSE 12.1, with more than 660000000000000 Bits of external storage capacity . (Do the math)
  • Linux Server: x86_64, 8 dual core AMD Opteron CPU, 2.4 GHz, 275000000000 Bits Memory, employing Suse Linux Enterprise 11
  • Windows Server: Dell PowerEdge Intel Xeon CPU, 3.73 GHz, more than 17000000000 Bits RAM, employing MS Windows Server 2003

Data Backup Resources:

The NRB maintains an extensive library of data analysis, display and statistical software to perform all means of image processing.

Open source packages:

Licensed Packages:

Preclinical Imaging Lab:
In addition to MRI, our small animal imaging facility is fully equipped to perform complementary optical and electrophysiological studies. Major equipment include

  • Plexon electrophysiology system to record EEG, LFP and multiple unit electrical activity
  • Laser Doppler optical imaging
  • Extensive physiology monitoring, including pulse oximetry, arterial blood gas analyzer, end tidal carbon dioxide
  • Full general and stereotaxic surgery capability
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