Our Publications
No PubMed LinkNielson, K. A., Garavan, H., Langenecker, S. L., Stein, E. A. & Rao, S.M. Event-related fMRI of inhibitory control reveals lateralized prefrontal activation differences between healthy young and older adults. Brain and Cognition, 47, 169-172, 2001
No PubMed LinkKnight, D.C., Smith, C.N., Cheng, D.T., Stein, E.A. and Helmstetter, F.J. Learning-related patterns of human brain activation revealed using fMRI during acquisition and extinction of Pavlovian conditioned fear. Learning and Memory, 2002
No PubMed LinkPendergrass, J.C., Ross, T.J., Garavan, H., Stein, E.A., and Risinger R.C. Differential neural response to emotional stimuli in females and males: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study in humans. Brain and Cognition, 51, 195-196, 2003
No PubMed LinkLawrence, N.S., Ross, T.J., Hoffmann, R., Garavan, H. and Stein, E.A. Network processing during sustained attention. J. Cogn. Neuroscience 15. 1028-1038, 2003
No PubMed LinkSchmidt, KF, Febo, M, Shen, Q, Luo, F, Sicard, KM, Ferris, CF, Stein, EA, Duong, TQ. Simultaneous measurements of cocaine-induced changes in cerebral blood flow, blood oxygenation, and oxidative metabolism. Psychopharmacology 185, 479-86, 2006
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