People at the NRB

The NRB is served by some of the most diverse and motivated scientists.

Current Staff

Senior Investigators
Elliot A. Stein, Ph.D.
Chief, Neuroimaging Research Branch

Yihong Yang, Ph.D.
Chief of Magnetic Resonance
Imaging & Spectroscopy Section

Staff Clinicians
Carlo Conoreggi, MD
Betty Jo Salmeron MD

Clinical Manager
Carolina Smith, MS

Clinical Research Coordinator
Kim Slater, M.Ed., NCC

Staff Scientists
Elisabeth Caparelli, Ph.D.
Hong Gu, Ph.D.
Hanbing Lu, Ph.D.
Thomas J. Ross, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows
Xiaoyu (Sherry) Ding, Ph.D.
John Fedota, Ph.D.
Yuzheng Hu, Ph. D.
Robin J. Keeley, Ph.D.
Elise Lesage, Ph.D.
Sufang Li, Ph. D.

Post-Graduate Research Fellows
Li-Ming Hsu
Jaime Saul

Post-Baccalaureate Fellows
Julia Brynildsen, B.A.
Bryson Lochte, B.A.
Allie Matous, B.A.
Miji Um, B.A.

Research Associates
Dresden Lackey
Karen McCullough
Michael van Wie

Neuroimaging Research Branch Staff
Sanket Gupte, M.S.
Programmer Analyst/Systems Administrator

Kate L. Shire, B.S., R.T.(R)(CT)(ARRT)
MRI Operator

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