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Yuzheng Hu

Fellow |

Yuzheng Hu is a post-doctorate fellow in the neuroimaging branch. Dr. Hu received his Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the Department of Physics; Zhejiang University and then continued his studies to receive his Ph.D. in the Bio-X lab at Zhejiang University. His thesis dissertation investigated cerebral plasticity driven by training of abacus-based mental calculations in children.

Research Interests:

I am interested in brain plasticity. Through learning and training come new discoveries and practical applications, we come to possess new knowledge and new skills! In our study of abacus training, we found that long term practice of mental abacus operation may enhance the integrity of neural pathways related to abacus calculation (Hu et al., Human Brain Mapping, 2011). It makes sense that you can improve some skills by training, since your brain can adapt to new things by changing its configuration functionally or/and structurally. However, your brain also may change in a bad way and become maladapted, as in the case of drug addiction. How does this happen? This is exactly a matter of which I am trying to gain more understanding.

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