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Feiyan Chen, Ph.D.

Guest Researcher |

Feiyan Chen, Ph. D. is a Guest Research in the NIDA / IRP Neuroimaging Research Branch and she is an Assistant Professor in Zhejiang University. Dr. Chen received her Ph.D. degree in Physics and did her postdoctoral training in Psychology. She is interested in the brain-behavior relationship, especially in brain plasticity and mathematical skills, working memory and executive function. In the past years, Dr. Chen conducted a longitudinal investigation of brain plasticity in children (7-11 years old) by abacus training using MRI imaging and behavioral assessments. In her current project, she will be responsible for behavioral and fMRI experimental design, image data analysis and interpretation.


  •  Cognitive neuroscience researches of number processing by training abacus mental calculation on children.
  • Cognitive task development and implementation for functional MRI


  • Ming Zhao, Huishan Meng, Zhiyuan Xu, Fenglei Du, Tao Liu, Yongxin Li, Feiyan Chen*, The neuromechanism underlying verbal analogical reasoning of metaphorical relations: an event-related potentials study, Brain Research, 1425 (24): 62-74, 2011
  • Fengji Geng, Yuzheng Hu, Yunqi Wang, Feiyan Chen, Two types of behavioral inhibition and their relation to effortful control and attention in school children, Journal of Research in Personality, 45(6): 662–669, 2011.
  • Yuzheng Hu, Fengji Geng, Lixia Tao, Nantu Hu, Fenglei Du, Kuang Fu and Feiyan Chen*, Enhanced white matter tracts integrity in children with abacus training Human Brain Mapping, 32 (1): 10–21, 2011.
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